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Even small office environments today often have a number of machines that connect to each other sharing files and printers and an Internet connection. We call it, of course, a network. But different office networks have different needs. Most office networks have never been properly designed for security, data protection, or user efficiency. The machines have simply been "connected".

Good network design starts with asking the right questions. Should your system be a peer to peer network (where the machines simply share files and printers) or a domain network (where users can log into any machine transparently and see the same central information)? Should the connections be wired or wireless or a mix of both? Has it been tested for speed and security? How is it being monitored? These kinds of questions are about making the network serve the needs of the business rather than the other way around.

What is most crucial about a professional network install are the security and data protection issues. Let RTS, Inc network specialists review your office network for these enhancements:

bulletDesign and implement of setting up Windows server active directory domains such as Exchange email servers, SQL servers, FTP servers, DNS servers, Web servers, Terminal services, and VPN remote access
bulletImprove the speed of computer/network connections
bulletAutomate the backup procedures for your crucial data
bulletEnsure virus/spyware protection and disaster recovery features are sound
bulletReview the security/firewall protection onsite
bulletSetup or reconfigure wireless network with the highest encryption
bulletAutomate network monitoring to spot trouble before it happens
bulletAdd redundant system of hard drives, such as raid 1 or 5


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